Climate change is a complex challenge for developing countries in South Asia. Not only could the impacts of climate change be significant, but it would also be felt in a context of multiple stresses, such as poverty, resource depletion, environmental degradation and rapid urbanization. Thus, adaptation strategies will need to be formulated in the context of multiple policy goals. PK is known for its direct action and has been recognized as the most visible environmental organization in the Eastern U.P. PK has raised environmental issues to public knowledge and influenced both the private and the public sector. PK initiated Green Gorakhpur Campaign in joint collaboration with Municipal Corporation and Horticulture Department.

World Environment Day – 2015: PK takes up the initiative and established coordination with 09 department/organization – Horticulture, Agriculture, District Disaster Management Authority, Gorakhpur Environmental Action Group, INTACH “Gorakhpur Chapter”, Bharat Sewa Mission, Divyaman Hospital Pvt. Ltd, Kalptaru, Gorakhpur Chikitsalaya & Research Centre, NSS and NYK and organized 03 Days event on the occasion of World Environment Day-2015 from 03rd – 05th June, 2015. Mr. Rajan Kumar IAS Hon’ble District Magistrate Gorakhpur and Smt. Anju Ranjan IFS chaired the event every day. Day one - drawing & slogan competition, day two - hands on training kitchen garden development and on last day oath signature campaign, certificate distribution and street play “Bhagwan Ki Narak Yatra”.

Traditional Mechanism to Access Weather Condition:

UNISDR - The International Day for Disaster Reduction (IDDR) is a day to celebrate how people and communities are reducing their exposure to disasters and raising awareness about the importance of DRR. “The theme for 2015 will focus on the use of traditional, indigenous and local knowledge”. The variety of natural indicators, associated with weather forecasting and climate prediction/projection, as used by farmers in the North East India, is described. Most farmers in this area were not familiar with the application of weather forecasts/climate predictions/projection for agricultural production, or with other science-based agrometeorological products. They relied almost fully on their experience and traditional knowledge for farming decision making.

On the occasion of IDDR PK organized one day workshop in joint collaboration with Defence Studies Department, Deen Dayal Upadhaya Gorakhpur University and 09 other departments/organizations. PK conducted a study on Traditional Knowledge and collected examples/information from farmers. Adopted Two Park of Municipal Corporation: Open space is a key component of urban infrastructure providing valuable economic, health and ecosystem benefits, but many urban neighborhoods still lack access to parks and recreation opportunities. On the occasion of World Environment Day – 2016 Municipal Commissioner Gorakhpur hand over two parks “Radha” & “Shyam” of Municipal Corporation to PK. In a first phase PK selected one work “Radha” and started its work. PK team established linkage and liaison at a local level and build one committee “Udyaan Vikas Samiti – 01”. The group was headed by Mr. Ashok Singh with 08 other members. In 45 days the environment of park was changed.

World Nature Conservation Day – 2016: Our environment is a most precious resource that can reduce significantly the impact of disasters. Deforestation and soil erosion are just some causes of environmental degradation, and environmental degradation can lead to disasters. Environmental protection is increasingly being recognised as having an important role in the field of Disaster Risk Reduction for disaster that impact upon both the natural and human environment. Disasters are increasing in frequency and severity as a consequence of increased vulnerabilities to hazards and decreased coping capacities.

On the eve of World Nature Conservation Day at Radha Park, PK along with Udayan Vikas Samiti – 01 organized “Plantation” program headed by Dr.Satya Pandey Hon’ble Mayor, Gorakhpur. She appreciated the work done by the PK and local Community. Hon’ble emphasized the significance of cleanliness to enjoy healthy mind in healthy body. Her special focus was on the necessity of inviting more and more civilians to take active part in Community Service Activities. She asserted this by stating the slogan “Learn through Community Service”.

Plantation Campaign:

With I-Next, Jagran Group 2015: In joint collaboration with I-Next PK planted 623 plants in various location of Gorakhpur District in year 2015.

Green Gorakhpur Campaign - 2016: On the occasion of World Nature Conservation Day -2016 PK in launches “Green Gorakhpur” a tree plantation drive in July-October 2016. The drive was conducted in collaboration with Municipal Corporation, Horticulture Department and agencies like the Civil Defence, Bharat Sewa Mission, Sanskar Bharti-Gorakhpur Unit, 11th BN NDRF ‘A’ Unit and others. About 500 students/teachers from “Green Gorakhpur” partner schools participated in the drive that saw the plantation of over 2000 trees in various localities of Gorakhpur. Prior to each plantation activity, students/community was brief about the significance of nature tree, hoe to plant them and their after care. Resource material for the programme was developed in form of broachers/flex banners giving information about native trees. The students were asked to conduct follow-up activities to see how the saplings they had planted were doing and also submit a report on the activity after a period of three months. All the findings by the students were documented and sent to the Municipal Corporation & Horticulture department in the form of a report.